How can I keep the Epson printer head on the UV printer?


First, a good working conditions:

1.Temperature as well as Humidity Maintain the temperature between 18-28 degrees particularly in winter. The humidity is usually around 30-50 RH.

2.Ray of ultraviolet light: UV ink can cure when exposed to light, so it is important to ensure that there isn’t bright light inside the area.

3.Wind. Many workshops have fans in the summer. The fans boost air flow, then the head becomes easy to dry and then blockage.

4.Clean. If the work area is full of dust, the particles could stick to the nozzles and cause clogging.


Secondly, proper operation:

1.Please take note of the height of the materials prior to printing. Many customers fail to adjust the height after changing the material, and then the printer head is damaged directly because of the cash in the carriage.
2.Nozzle test every day prior to printing. If there are one or more nozzles not present, clean the software right away. If you find that the head is blocked severely then clean it gentle and gently using a syringe. ( Why do you need to clean gently and softly? The higher pressure could damage the head and cause mixing of ink.) Be sure to not immerse the entire printer head in the cleaning solution!

3.Keep the printer head cable in good condition. If the cable becomes dirty(especially the port made of metal) the head can be burnt.

Tips: Most damaged heads do not last for a long time however, they are damaged due to uncleaning. A proper method of sucking ink will prolong the life of the printer head. To clean the printer head, email us for the video tutorial.

Thirdly, ensure that head nozzles are moisturized .
1.If the printer has capping You just need to ensure that the nozzle stays connected properly to the capping. The YOWILL UV printer has a lifting capping stations that can be sealed to stop dust and air-dry. It is also possible to put moisturizing or cleaning liquid on the capping for a longer period(such as 3-7 days) absence of use.

2.If printers do not come with capping services You can apply cleaning liquid on non-woven fabric and then put the carriage there. Keep checking and filling cleaning liquid every two days to ensure that the nozzle is not dry.

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