Application of UV Flatbed Printers In Advertising Industry

The advertising industry benefits from the development of urban transport, commercial building, and data technology has become an indispensable industry, outdoor advertising with high arrival rate, strong visual impact, long distribution time, thousands of low-cost, high urban coverage, a single media dispersed but a large number of advantages has become a brand campaign of public communication channels, the following TV, the third largest media after the network. With the screen printing, net printing, watermark, inkjet, photo equipment development, UV Flatbed printers have been widely used in the advertising industry.

Recently, the Internet advertising market share will become larger and bigger, the network becomes the main position of advertising main marketing. Under the impact of the continuous development of the Internet, outdoor advertising is facing great pressure. Outdoor companies are bound to scale, specialization in the field of development, with quality services and leading technology to improve competitive advantage!


The advantages of UV Flatbed printers in the advertising industry:

1. UV Flatbed printers operation is simple, save manpower, print out the product waterproof sunscreen anti-ultraviolet, more environmentally friendly.

2. UV Flatbed printers can be personalized design, personalized printing, so that each unique creativity is vividly displayed in front of others, understand the true meaning of advertising and creativity, to do with other people, then, you sell is not advertising, not products, but your creativity.

3. UV Flatbed printers can be printed on a variety of media above, glass, acrylic, PVC, metal, etc., can be used for a more than one machine, mechanized production scale can greatly improve production efficiency.


We believe that outdoor advertising will continue to be stable with the development of the economy, and still have a bright future.
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