Advantages of UV flatbed printers for industrials

1. Green and environmental protection

The UV flatbed printer adopts computer control, and only needs to be inkjet according to the demand, which will not waste resources, no noise will be generated during the printing process, and green printing can be realized.


2. The color of the image is clear

The UV flatbed printer prints excellent results, whether it is a color pattern or a complex gradient print, the effect is perfect. This greatly improves the quality of the product. The print effect is artistic and the stereo effect is strong. Whether it’s individual printing or batch printing, it’s perfect for the desired effect.


3. Print embossed and other stereo effects

The UV flatbed printer can not only print flat patterns but also make relief effects on the surface of the object. This makes the print effect more stereoscopic, which is not possible with ordinary printers.


4. Fast printing speed

In the past, the printing process took several days from design to proof of molding, but using UV printing technology only took a few minutes to see the print. Customers only need to choose to print samples, they can wait for effect, which really improves the work efficiency.