How to Maintenance the UV Faltbed Printer

Some customers’ machines like a new machine even though it has worked for several years and some customers’ machines didn’t use for a long time, but machines like a long used machine and often have many problems. Because maintenance habits make a big difference. Now, the WILL engineer gives you some reliable ways to maintain your machine.


1. keep good hygiene, do not let dust influence your machine and print heads. The temperature was set at around 25 degrees. And humid also should keep 35–65 %Rh (No condensation), and the room should have good ventilation. It is good for both humans and machines because ink is a kind of chemistry.

2. Obey the right order to start and shut down a machine. Start machine order: turn on machine—> start the software, shut down machine order: close software —-> turn off a machine. and the quality of clean cloth for wiping print head nozzles should qualified(bad quality cloth will damage the print head nozzles). Wipe nozzles should only wipe in one direction and lightly, Do not wipe back and forth hard, fold the cloth and wipe nozzles, use a new place for wiping new color, do not mix use and cause color mixture.

3. Should have worker aside by machine when it is working(if something wrong happens, press any emergency button first, it will protect the machine and cause less damage), do not let material problem cause damage to printhead nozzles, otherwise, it will cause irrevocable damage to the print head.

4. Purge and print a status after everyday work. Then check the nozzles situation, if nozzles clog, then purge more ink until it gets better.

5. If turn off the machine, the valves of sub-ink tanks should also be closed, otherwise, the ink will flow out from nozzles and cause waste and pollution, if you have a stable electricity supply, it is better to let the machine turn on all the time, the machine is flashing all the time will keep print head nozzles at the good situation, and the next day before production, the first thing is to print status and check nozzles situation.

6. The carriage should be covered if the machine is not working because the light and dust will influence the print head nozzles.

7. The filters for ink should be changed every 3 months, otherwise, the filter will clog after a long time of use.

8. The X and Y motion parts(guide railway, slider, and lead screw) of the machine should add lubricating oil regularly. Especially x motion is a high-speed move.

9. Turn off the water chiller when the machine is free at night, This will save more power and save the UV lamp’s lifetime.WILL engineer will give more advice when installing the machine for you, And feel the best services from us.

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